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As an Oklahoma Chip Seal Paving business, MJL Asphalt Chip Seal Paving has been providing chip seal paving for driveways, parking lots and roadways in Oklahoma and beyond since 1992.  We offer the highest quality services along with cost effective pricing.

Chip seal paving is a great option when you are considering resurfacing your pavement.  “Economical, Elegant and Practical” best describes this type of pavement.  Chip seal is a great alternative to blacktop or concrete, as it costs less than HALF AS MUCH!  It not only adds value to your property, it is virtually maintenance free and is extremely durable. A chip seal pavement from MJL Asphalt Chip Seal Paving is not only affordable but is installed by our experienced team of installers.  We hire experienced and talented installers to ensure a job done right every time.  MJL Chip Asphalt Chip Seal Paving is family owned and the owners oversee every job! 

Chip seal is a cost-effective method of providing a new and robust surface driveway experience that will function for many years to come.  The fresh aggregate in chip sealing provides added skid resistance for vehicles. Chip sealants add a protective barrier between asphalt pavement and harsh weather, excessive moisture, heavy traffic, and other damaging conditions.  Chip sealing also corrects raveling, or the loss of aggregate along the surface of asphalt.

Chip seal is widely used by Oklahoma home owners and commercial establishments because of it’s ease of maintenance, attractive appearance, durability, and affordability.  Chip sealing is perfect for a driveway, parking lot, country road, streets, other roadways, municipal buildings, shopping centers, apartment complex and more.   The state of Oklahoma uses chip seal for its county roads & highways.

The bottom line is that our chip seal paving is affordable, attractive and durable!  If you would like to learn more about chip seal paving please call us today!

Chip Seal Process

The chip seal paving process is quick and provides a more durable surface. There is no down time for your company or home in using this product. Heavy Trucks can drive on it the moment it is done! Chip Seal Paving is a layer of hot liquified asphalt tar that is applied to your dusty driveway, parking lot or road. Then a layer of 3/8″ chip rock is rolled to compaction. Tar & chip has been used for over a century with great success, to pave and resurface roads, parking lots, driveways, for residential, commercial and industrial establishments.  With Chip Sealing you have the ability to choose the color of your driveway simply by selecting the color of the stone that is used. This allows you to easily choose a driveway color that complements the colors of your house and landscaping.

Chip Seal Paving Benefits:

  • Enhances Surface Texture, get rid of dust
  • Seals minor Cracks and fixes the imperfections
  • Restores life to the weathered surface
  • Excellent for resurfacing or for New Roads
  • Extremely Cost-Effective
  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Protects the Underlying Pavement Aging, Oxidation,  Traffic Wear. Chip seals provides a moisture barrier for the underlying pavement.
  • Extremely Durable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Skid Resistant, Superior Traction
  • Weather Resistant. In hot weather, chip seals re-seal cracks by flowing back together
  • Chip seals virtually eliminate black ice
  • Quick setting, therefore there is minimal traffic disruption
  • Cost effective

Providing Affordable Chip Seal and Asphalt Services from our Family to Yours!

  • Chip Seal Paving
  • Chip Seal Driveways, Roads and Parking Lots
  • Tar & Chip
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Asphalt Driveways
  • Asphalt Seal coating
  • Asphalt Roads & Streets
  • Ashphalt Repairs & Resurfacing
  • Asphalt Parking Lots & Striping

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Commercial Chip Seal Paving

About Us

MJL Asphalt Chip Seal Paving is a leader in maintaining,  protecting and extending the life of roadways and parking lots with chip sealing.  We work across the state of Oklahoma.

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Chip Seal Paving


MJL Asphalt Chip Sealing  Paving is a trusted and experienced provider in Oklahoma for chip seal services. We provide paving solutions to residential property owners, commercial businesses and industrial establishments.

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What We Do?

We specialize in chip seal paving for commercial, industrial and residential establishments in Oklahoma.

5-star review

Michael and his team did an awesome job repairing our wide driveway .  They are prompt and reliable.  Their rates are also reasonable.
I highly recommend them to any one who needs chip seal work.

~ Martin, Oklahoma City

5-star review

Great work.  Professional and courteous.  They did our shop’s parking lot.  The parking lot looks new!  I am  very happy with their work.  I recommend them for Tar & Chip Seal Paving.

~ Ronald, Oklahoma City

5-star review

They did really nice job with the long, circular road around our house.  Michael explained the process to me and gave me several options. We went with the chip seal as it is durable with low maintenance.  His crew arrived on time. Thanks to Mike for his attention to the details!

~ Tony Bert, Oklahoma

5-star review

Chip Sealed my parking lot.  It was a large project and it went efficiently completed on set time.  There was no down time.  I will definitely be using them again for other chip seal paving needs.

~ Jim, Oklahoma

5-star review

Absolutely wonderful work.  They chip Sealed my parking lot.  It looks brand new.  I am very impressed.

~ Bob, Oklahoma

5-star review

My driveway was in bad shape.  They made it look like brand new.  I was happy with the pricing too.  Highly recommend them.  Thanks Mike for your hard work.

~ Sashi, Oklahoma

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